Drug-related crimes (Art. 354a – 354c) registered by regional and district courts within the territory of Bulgaria over the period 2013 – 2022

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Prevalence of medication use
Prevalence of drug use
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Drug-related crimes
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Monitoring of publications
Attitudes to legal framework changes
Drug-related crimes (Art. 354a – 354c) (total)1828166717782117244724022858281233442977
with proceeding finished with sentence1662155517392079240223602834277832982938
conditional sentence9459079701137135713441528142717041556
release from penalty11474111
of which: committed by
one person1588149316812007230823022750270632172871
two persons61554660854774626862
three and more persons13712129111010135
year of commitment:
the same year6727046571076106711461320
the previous year77262163380310318891018
two or more years ago218230449200304325496
Source: National Statistical Institute