Prevention and information centre on the problems of drug addictions of the Sofia Municipality organised a traditional happening on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illegal Trafficking (June 26). The programme included author’s performances and participation of volunteers in the campaigns for the prevention of drug use by schools from the capital and the district:

  • Theatrical performance “White Troubles” by volunteers from the National High School in Finance and Business.
  • Karate demonstration – Kata of the students of SU “Gen. Vladimir Stoychev”.
  • Performance “The Path of Dependence” by school students from 135 SU “Jan Amos Comenius”.
  • A poem performed by a volunteer club at 33 St. Sophia Language High School.
  • Multimedia project – “Listening Friend” at 23 SU “Frederic Joliot Curie” for prevention and countermeasures against bullying at school.
  • A scene on the topic “Prevention of the use of psychoactive substances” by schhol students from 131 SU “K. A. Timiryazev”.
  • Presentation of good practice – active inter-school television and a special video dedicated to the topic “No to drugs” by school students from PG in transport “N. Y Vaptsarov” – city of Slivnitsa.

At the end, certificates were presented to the school specialists implementing the national programmes for the prevention of drug use “Code Name Life” (grades 5-7) and “Peer to Peer” (grades 8-11), as well as certificates to the students from 12th grade, who passed the 4th stage course under the programme “Peer to Peer”.

The event ended with performances by the group “Zaharr”, volunteers from the PG “St. Luke”.