Pre-trial proceedings and Prosecutor acts regarding drug-related crimes in 2022

Prevalence of psychoactive substance use
Prevalence of medication use
Prevalence of drug use
Drug prevention
Treatment supply
Treatment demand
Health consequences
Harm reduction
Drug-related crimes
Drug market
Drug use and prison
Monitoring of publications
Attitudes to legal framework changes
Classification under the Penal CodePre-trial proceedings observed by a prosecutorNew pre-trial proceedingsSolved pre-trial proceedingsProsecutor acts submitted to the court 
Total number11301786184563468
Art. 242 (total)22110013453
Art. 242, para. 21798610644
Art. 242, para. 317991
Art. 242, para. 4255198
Art. 354a (total)10533745880093316
Art. 354a, para. 11484697899668
Art. 354a, para. 21609144129
Art. 354a, para. 35752457637641276
Art. 354a, para. 53137217632021243
Art. 354b12741
Art. 354c (total)53529630998
Art. 354c, para. 152429229583
Art. 354c, para. 22114
Art. 354c, para. 5931311
Source: Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office.