On April 23, 2024, a training on overcoming stigma and discrimination towards people living with addiction and HIV was held in Sofia, aimed at health and other specialists related to the problem of drugs and drug addiction. It was organised by the Center for Humane Policy Foundation regarding the implementation of activities under the project “New Beginning: Restoring Harm Reduction Services in the City of Sofia, Bulgaria and Ensuring Government Commitment to HIV Prevention Among Drug Users”.

The topics covered at the event were:

  • Nature and specificity of drug addiction – presentation by Dr. Georgi Vasilev, psychiatrist.
  • Social factors affecting addiction and social context of addictive behaviours – presentation by Elmira Nesheva, social worker at the Center for Humane Policy Foundation.
  • Protection from discrimination and violation of human rights of drug users – presentation by lawyer Natasha Dobreva, Dignity Foundation.
  • The approach “Harm reduction of drug use” and public attitudes towards people who use drugs – presentation by Yulia Georgieva, Chair of the Board of the Center for Humane Policy Foundation.
  • Vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking in vulnerable groups, incl. drug users and those at risk of drug use – presentation by Kamelia Dimitrova, Dignity Foundation.
lawyer Natasha Dobreva
Elmira Nesheva