The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addictions (EMCDDA) will present its annual evaluation of the drugs problem in Europe in its Annual Report 2011, to be published on 15 November in Lisbon.

The report, the most important publication of EMCDDA, presents the latest data and an overview of the drugs situation in the 27 member states of the EU, in Croatia, Turkey and Norway. The basic challenges, as well as some perspective practices currently applied for resolving the drugs problem have been considered. Where possible, the data about Europe have been put in global context.

Date of publishing: 15 November 2011,Tuesday Time: 10:00 WET (Lisbon) (11:00 CET) Site: Conference Centre, Cais do Sodré, 1249-289, Lisbon The annual Report is a part of an extensive information package to be published on-line on 15 November — www.emcdda.europa.eu/events/2011/annual-report