Several interesting matters are discussed in 2007 winter issue of DRUGNET, newsletter of the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit at Ireland Health Research Board.

On 1 November the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit at the Health Research Board published so called Overview 6. The purpose of this Overview was to compile and analysis the availability data on problem alcohol use in Ireland and its health-related consequences. More information on different aspects of the matter can be found in following articles:  “Health related consequences of problem alcohol use”; “Alcohol consumptions in Ireland”; “No safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy”; “Voluntary alcohol advertising codes still on probation”.

A new research report examining the association between aspects of social exclusion, problematic drug use and social reintegration as a response to this type of drug use in Ireland was launched on 6 November by the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit at the Health Research Board. Interesting details are available in the article “Social reintegration as a response to drug use in Ireland: an overview”.

The recommended measures for improving the employability of current, former and recovering drug users are enlisted in an article called “Innovative job placement model for methadone-maintained clients”.

The level of the residential services in Ireland is described in “Residential services for alcohol and drug users”.

Interesting information about drug prevention in Ireland could be found in “RDTF strategies and prevention”.

For those who would like to learn more about the process and outcomes of work done by the Alcohol and Drug Research Unit in collaboration with National Drugs Strategy Team in promoting good practice in drug demand reduction is recommended to look at the article named “Promoting evidence-based practice in drugs task forces”.

How Ireland deals with substance misuse can be learned from the item “Substance misuse in the HSE South Eastern Area”.

“Third HBSC study report findings” is an article describing a survey conducted in Ireland in 2006 among school-aged children about health behavior. The overall aim of the study was to gain insight into and to increase understanding of young people`s health and well-being, health behavioral and their social context.

What is live like in a functioning community centre could be found from “Coolmine Therapeutic Community annual report 2006”.

In “Help and advice on coping with the death of someone close” two guidelines are promoted regarding some extremely negative aspects in our lives. A specific stress is put on suicide and unexpected death of someone close.

Useful information about counseling services for young people and their parents or careers can be obtained from “Crosscare Teen Counselling annual report 2006”.

“Focus on methamphetamine” gives a specific view to a project which examined the potential threat posed by the increased incidents of methamphetamine use throughout the EU.

“2007 report on the drugs problem in Europe” is a brief presentation of the 2007 Annual Report of European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addictions (EMCDDA).

Useful information about EU funding in the field of drug prevention and information could be found in the article “EU to fund drug prevention and information initiatives”.

A new EU has been found which first meeting took place in Brussels on 13 and 14 December 2007. It will serve as a platform for informal exchange of view and information between the Commission and civil society organizations in EU. More about this could be read in “Civil Society Forum on Drugs in the EU due to meet”.

How a Minister can contribute to an important cannabis debate is described in the item “Minister`s contribution to Trinity cannabis debate”.

Interesting information can be obtained about the functioning of the Irish Drug Treatment Court in the item “The Irish Drug Treatment Court-a view from the bench”.

A manual in quality standards in substance use education was launched on 10 September 2007. More about the organization published it and about the aim of the manual from “Quality standards in substance use education”.

Recent information about drug problems in Ireland and Europe can be found in the following articles: ”In brief”, “From Drugnet Europe”, “Drugs in focus-policy briefing”, “Recent publications”, “Journal articles” and “Upcoming events”.

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