Drug-related crimes finished with sentence in 2022 by classification under the Penal Code

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Prevalence of medication use
Prevalence of drug use
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Drug-related crimes
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Art. 242, para. 2-3 – contraband of drugs
Art. 354а – production, possession, distribution, transportation of drugs
Art. 354b – persuasion or assistance to other people to use drugs
Art. 354c – planting or cultivation of narcotic plants

TotalMalesFemales aged 14-17 aged 18-24aged 25-29aged 30-39aged 40-49aged 50-59aged >= 60
Crimes finished with sentence (total)26088239282160716534937877493485225871304
Drug-related crimes (total)2979274823170718556108239211843
proportion (%) to the crimes finished with sentence (total)11.4211.4810.699.7813.4214.6814.448.084.563.30
Classification under the Penal Code
Art. 242, para. 2-3 (contraband of drugs)4136535101283
Art. 242, para. 2  (narcotic substances)4036435101183
Art. 242, para. 3 (preqursors or equipment)111
Art. 354a-354c (drug-related crimes)2938271222670715551107238011040
Art. 354a, para. 1, (high-risk narcotic substances)6415756624170114207872910
Art. 354a, para. 1, (preqursors or equipment)46433882361
Art. 354a, para. 2, (1) (order of organised criminal group)2927244129
Art. 354a, para. 2, (4) (dangerous relapse)1011011016412581
Art. 354a, para. 2 (particularly large activities)3936326211963
Art. 354a, para. 3, (1) (high-risk narcotic substances)1118102395292672244371182716
Art. 354a, para. 3, (2) (narcotic substances)97231122
Art. 354a, para. 5 (minor cases)7477093814226160272669
Art. 354b, para. 1 (inclining or assisting)2211
Art. 354c, para. 1 (planting or growing)20118615119267354199
Art. 354c, para. 5 (minor cases)55131
Source: National Statistical Institute