Convicted, sanctioned and acquitted persons with an enacted court act regarding drug-related crimes reported by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in 2022

Prevalence of psychoactive substance use
Prevalence of medication use
Prevalence of drug use
Drug prevention
Treatment supply
Treatment demand
Health consequences
Harm reduction
Drug-related crimes
Drug market
Drug use and prison
Monitoring of publications
Attitudes to legal framework changes
Classification under the Penal CodePersons regarding prosecutor acts submitted to the courtConvicted and sanctioned persons with an enacted court actAcquitted persons with an enacted court act
Total number3674342650
Art. 242 (total)70574
Art. 242, para. 258450
Art. 242, para. 3120
Art. 242, para. 411104
Art. 354a (total)3491325841
Art. 354a, para. 171571115
Art. 354a, para. 21911174
Art. 354a, para. 3131312158
Art. 354a, para. 51272121514
Art. 354b100
Art. 354c (total)1121115
Art. 354c, para. 1961004
Art. 354c, para. 2501
Art. 354c, para. 511110
Source: Supreme Cassation Prosecutor’s Office.